Plzz can we have a raid on 1 week night???
Awesome site mate...
sup yall
roger that

ok guys, We are only weeks from Battle of Dazar'Alor, and we need to recruit. As you know we need mostly healers (that arent holy priests as we have enough of those) We are also looking for Warlocks and Mages...

So i need EVERYONE to keep an eye out for people looking for guilds, you all have invite privs so please invite them. also if you come up with any good new ideas to promote that we arent doing, then please let us know.

thanks guys


[GM] schmerz aGM posted Dec 2, 18

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, thankyou to everyone who raids with us, weather you were on the kill or not. thanks being there for the wipes, the raging on disc, the bants and the lols.

Raid Schedual Change

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Nov 19, 18

As of Sat 24th Nov we will no longer be doing a schedualled Normal Uldir run. We will be doubling down on heroic prog to make sure we get AOTC. We will be running some Normal guild/pug/alt runs mid week for anyone whos interested.

also this shouldnt haveto be said but clearly needs too.... getting this close to the end of the line for getting AOTC, we need ad many of you as possible to be doing ads much content as possible during the week like M+ etc to improve your gear and skills. at the moment we have a group of people sho do this without question, and a group that put no effort into their toons outside of the raid... and we need you to step it up. The officers and i understand RL comes first, but when you are online every bit you can put into improving your toon or learning fights will help the whole team..

that being said, we are very proud of the progress that everyone has made since the start of the raid teir in a brand new guild who had never done anything together. We have come a long way from the guild where NOONE said a word in guild chat to where we are now, and the log reflect that. And the Officers and i would like to thank all of you!

But we stil have one big push left this teir, so lets hit it hard!



[GM] schmerz aGM posted Nov 16, 18

The logs from our weekly raids are now linked on the left hand side of the page in their own little box for those who would like to see how they stand and where they can make improvments

congrats guys

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Nov 16, 18

sorry about the lack of pics, in the excitment of all i forgot to get some, but this week i will get some up...

SO Zek and Zul... DOWN! best voice nerdgasm ive heard since my first ragnaros kill, was so proud of everybody that came and that kill took us to server 40... and considdering this teir was the first time any of us had ever raided together and a alof hadnt raided at all, you guys had come a long way!!! keep up the good work!.

As of this raid we will be only be doing Mythrax and G'Huun in normal and then jumping into heroic and we will be foing this until we get AOTC... so we really need you guys to bucle down the next few weeks and put in that littlke extra, expecially since we will be having 2 weeks off over xmas....


[GM] schmerz aGM posted Oct 20, 18

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE in KM and the people who came to help us! We are Now 8/8Normal and 3/8 Heroic in our 5th week of raiding together!. lets keep this shit up and riup heroic a new ass!.

My appologies for the loot confusion, we will be implimenting a new system today at raid. but BOE are still going to be need rolled and un needed ones goto the guild bank. And let me be clear on this, I do not sell them, The guild does not sell them (but if we did it wouldnt even put a dent in the thousands of gold per person it costs the guild to raid... they are there to be used for new recruits to help get their ilvl up to raid standard..... i know some of you dont like this, but raiding is not there to line your pockets, its there for the betterment of the team. if you have any issues please come to me, The officers are open and here for any issues anyone has.


Raid Addons

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Oct 19, 18

THis addon i am linking is MUST be downloaded and used by EVERYONE who raids with us.

EVERYONE must have this download and use all of the addons (if you already use bigwigs, you may delete dbm from this pack) We have added RClootcouncil to this pack, so you will need that to roll on items others dont want.
Click here

This one is for healers and they can use from it as they wish (this may be updated)

Click here


The past week

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Oct 16, 18

Hey guys. Just wanted to say how happy i am with the progress we have made, especially in the past week. We have done some good recruiting in the past 2 weeks and scored some people who are real assets to the team, so please dont be affraid to take advantage of their experience and ask for any help you need.

going forward our main goal is no heroic progression. we will be starting our raids an hour earlier on sat and sun. we will also be spending 1 day in normal and 1 day in heroic. we will no longer be providing flasks for normal runs, if you wish to have a flask you will need to provide them. this will make sure we have plenty for our heroic progress.

Keep up the good work guys, i wil try and remember to grab kill pics this week from heroic.



[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 25, 18

Hey guys, please makeour new officer Acheronus feel welcome. he was the GM who Gkicked me the the guild i was in before i make kriegs, so he clearly has some taste! ahaha the guys a great bloke, so get to know him. And also welcome to everyone else who has joined up well!

Something i noticed on the weekend aat the raid is when that 5<pm finish timne came up, NOONE wanted to leave.. AND I FUCKIN LOVE IT! so heres what i will do, Saturdays finish time will now be 6pm or after giving the boss we are on another try or 2.... then we haveto stop because it isnt fair on the guys who havto leave to come in on sunday and  2 bosses he needed loot from are dead...... Sunbday however, we can stay as long as everyone is willing too..

i could see the new raiders catching the bug the other night and it was a great thing to see, keepo up the good work and we will be in heroics in notime


4th DOWN

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 23, 18

Congrats on week which blew all the officers expectations out of the water. but we need to keep pushing forward, that meant this week you must all be watching videos for the next 3 bosses in Uldir.

i meant to make special mention of the fact when you guys were given the option to give up on a boss and go try another one, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU stayed!  and we downed him next pull!! the officers are extremely proud of you.

As you have seen, we have some recruiting to do, so we have promoted a new officer, Murasami is now the Senior vice president of talent relations... so he gets us more heal n shit.... so a big congrats to that stupid mage!

As a little exercise i would like you to count up all the flasks we handed out (30 in a cauldron) all the PrePots, and all the feasts, then go on the AH and look how much those things cost...... the number is astronomical!!! and we are a young guild. So  please look on an earlier post on here with items we need and donate some stuff. all that stuff is what gets us progression, i don’t care if you buy it, donate gold, get farming groups together and farm it, donate the flaks and prepots you make while levelling your professions. but we need consumables that was we can keep providing you the things you need to raid...

also, if any of you know anyone who needs a guild, come across someone who stands out in a pug and can get him to join, myself and the officers will work out some sought of reward system for finding  QUALITY RAIDERS, not just lvl 9 players or ppl who cant be taught to raid. thanks guys, ill leave you with a pic of another dead Uldir boss!

Also, i want ALL guildies signed upto the website,. alote on the poll to the left. i would like a weekly meeting between pplayers and officers to thrash out and problems or siuject any ideas.... we are all approachable anytime, but i think this forum could add alot.

and i more thing, you may notice before and after a raid the officers jump into the officer channel. this is a normal thing, we disguss what strats did and didnt work and what we are going to do next time. so noone needs to stress we are secretky uoset going off on you, because we arent, we are just bounching ideas around.


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