Plzz can we have a raid on 1 week night???
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4th DOWN

By [GM] schmerz aGM - Posted Sep 23, 18

Congrats on week which blew all the officers expectations out of the water. but we need to keep pushing forward, that meant this week you must all be watching videos for the next 3 bosses in Uldir.

i meant to make special mention of the fact when you guys were given the option to give up on a boss and go try another one, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU stayed!  and we downed him next pull!! the officers are extremely proud of you.

As you have seen, we have some recruiting to do, so we have promoted a new officer, Murasami is now the Senior vice president of talent relations... so he gets us more heal n shit.... so a big congrats to that stupid mage!

As a little exercise i would like you to count up all the flasks we handed out (30 in a cauldron) all the PrePots, and all the feasts, then go on the AH and look how much those things cost...... the number is astronomical!!! and we are a young guild. So  please look on an earlier post on here with items we need and donate some stuff. all that stuff is what gets us progression, i don’t care if you buy it, donate gold, get farming groups together and farm it, donate the flaks and prepots you make while levelling your professions. but we need consumables that was we can keep providing you the things you need to raid...

also, if any of you know anyone who needs a guild, come across someone who stands out in a pug and can get him to join, myself and the officers will work out some sought of reward system for finding  QUALITY RAIDERS, not just lvl 9 players or ppl who cant be taught to raid. thanks guys, ill leave you with a pic of another dead Uldir boss!

Also, i want ALL guildies signed upto the website,. alote on the poll to the left. i would like a weekly meeting between pplayers and officers to thrash out and problems or siuject any ideas.... we are all approachable anytime, but i think this forum could add alot.

and i more thing, you may notice before and after a raid the officers jump into the officer channel. this is a normal thing, we disguss what strats did and didnt work and what we are going to do next time. so noone needs to stress we are secretky uoset going off on you, because we arent, we are just bounching ideas around.


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