Plzz can we have a raid on 1 week night???
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sup yall
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[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 22, 18

Congratulations guys! our first pull... TALOC DOWN. THIRD PULL, M.O.T.H.E.R. DOWN, FOUTH PULL, FETID DOWN.

great job everyone


[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 22, 18

FLASKS (will be provided from Couldren)

Everyone MUST have a flask depending on your class, Guild will provide them from a coudren, there are 30 in a couldren so we will all take 1 each and then go back and take another that way everyone gets at least 1 and some get 2.

Flask of the Vast Horizon
Flask of the Currents
Flask of Endless Fathoms
Flask of the Undertow
Flask of the Vast Horizon

POTIONS (provide your own or ask an officer)
We will drop a guild bank at the start of a run and those with the raider ranking can take prepots from the raider tab, those without the ranking just ask for what you need and an officer will get them for you

Battle Potion of Agility
Battle Potion of Intellect
Battle Potion of Strength
Battle Potion of Stamina
Coastal Healing Potion

OTHER ITEMS (Provide your own)


[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 10, 18

Hey guys. The classes we are looking for at the moment for raiding are any healers (as im not sure what we have cause people arent posting on the forum) and we are also looking for a second tank, I would like a paladin tank, but any tank is good. If any of you guys know anyone or have a paladin you would like to raid tank on please let myself or Krumlok know.


Hey guys. We have been farming up matts for when we start raiding, but things are going to get expensive.So any help we can get from you guys in the way of donations is going to make thing alot easier. I love the idea of getting farming groups together and going out gathering herbs and fish.

What we need at the moment are Fish, Especially Midnight Salmon and any BFA meat you pick up on your travels. we need this for feasts. Also Need as many BFA Herbs as we can get our hands on, especially Anchor Weed so we can make flasks and prepots. also taking donation of flasks and prepots.

The guild will be providing all this stuff for progression, so its going to get very expensive and time consuming if its only myself and the officers farming this stuff. if you have anything to donate please put it in the deposits tab in the guild bank. please only put usefull raid items in there at the moment to keep spots open as there will be alot of things going in there.

Also, dont forget to put your name down to raid on the forum, its making it very hard to work out right now if we have the right class makeup... the more organised we are the better. please dont be lazy and help us out here.


Hey guys, just a quick update. We are planning to start raiding on Sat Sept 22nd! So we need EVERYONE who is going to be raidng to let us know in the raid thread on the forums what class and spec they will be raiding on. We are still looking for a second tank so please let Krumlok or Schmerzlock know if you are interested.

On the subject of tanks, i have spoke to the officers and we all agree that we think that tanks need to be geared first, since Masterlooter is gone that makes it more complicated.... so what we have decided is.... Noone is obligated to give up gear to the tank, but if someone gets an item that is going to help gear the tanks and pass it onto the tank, we will keep track of everyone who has done that, and when an item comes up for for trade that person will get the item if they want it without having to roll anyone for it... Noone is obligated to give anything up, but we will progress faster and people will get more loot in the long run if the tanks are geared first.

We have been running groups this week to get peoples World Quests done for rep and have also been running dungeons to get people geared... Please join us to get geared and help others out, we need everyone at 340+ ilvl... so you all need to work at it, there will be no charity spots while on progression. if you want a spot you need to put in the effort. it isnt fair to expect to be carried and hold everyone else back because you dont want to get the gear before hand, you can get 350ilvl peices off the AH to help boost your ilvl. and join us on runs.

also warfronts will be open to horde in a few days and i would like to get a guild group going every week. you get a ilvl 370 peice every week, so it is beneficial to do.

Also, Mannish has been promoted to officer. so grats him next time you see him on ;)

thanks guys and get gearing!



[GM] schmerz aGM posted Sep 3, 18

Hey guys, As some of you may Know Uldir is open this week after reset, so i thought i would update you on whats happening. We are planning to start raiding in a couple of weeks, we are allowing people some time to Cap and gear their toons, also to make sure we have a good class makeup for the raids. From what i have seen 340 is the recommended ILVL... i wont be enforcing it that hight to start with at least. I will keep you updated. Join us for guild dungeon runs, also Warfronts will be opening this week from memory, Raid Quality gear from there, check it out.

So going forward, Schmerzlock is the guild Enchanter so if you need enchants that arent in the Gbank come see me, Krumlok will be making the feasts & Sami will be the Alchemist and will provide the guilds flasks for progression. The guild will provide Flasks and food for progression, but i would ask everyone also has a supply of them as there may be times the guild doesnt have any as its very expensive. So any BFA Meat, Fish or herbs you could donate to the Gbank would be a great help.

Once we start raiding, the raiders will be promoted to "raider" rank and will have much higher guild repairs available to them to help offset the gold needed to repair after wipes on progression fights, and there will be MANY wipes. Anyone new to raiding needs to understand that it isnt like lfr and wiping is a part of progression and not a reason to rage quit, if you leave raids because you dont understand this you wont be reinvited. We need everyone to deal with it.

I have posted videos for each boss on the forums, please check them out and learn the fights. If you are a new raider, dont be affraid to ask questions to the Raid leader, GM or an officer, We are here to help. Also, Krumlok has been promoted to Raid Leader, so please listen to what he asks of you.

We will update you again when we have worked more out.


here are a list of addons for you to have a look at, some will be a requirment to raid with us, but most of those are mods you should already use... i have also added a list of other handy addons which are not requirments but might make ur game liffe a little easier. I highly recomend giving Preaches UI pack a go, the link is at the botom of the page, but you will need to add and take things out of that pack to make it work for you... but i use it personally and its great.

if you think of any more mods let me know.

MANDATORY MODS: All must have installed and use.
All are linked to the place you can get it.

1) Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
2) Decursive (anyone who can cleanse or decurse)
4) Discord
5) Details (the first person who asks someone to post a damage meter knowing full well they are at the top will get a boot in the ass :P)

1) Bindpad (imo the best addon i use)
2) MBB (puts all ur minimap buttons behind1 button)
4) Omen (i know its old and been useless, but the way they have changed tank threat it may be usefull)
5) Healbot (for healers)
6) Simulationcraft helps you see what combinations of gear and trinkets get the most out of your toon
7)Weakauras(one of my fave mods out there, you can download premade strains if you dont know how to use it urself, or ask me and i will send you one for ur class)

What i have done is downloaded a UI Pack from Preach.. it has pretty much everything you need, but i took a few things out and added a few i liked. ill leave a link here if you want to gop that rout, best to try this option now since it gives you time to get your UI right. Click Here for Preaches BFA UI

Schmerz's Ui (Based on Preaches UI)


ok, the way this was worded was very poor. sorry for that. What i would like is for everyone to have signed up for the webpage so we can get the most out of this asset. it costs me money and i would love to not waste it..... it is a great medium we can take advantage of... All trials will havto have signed up before promotion to member.... those who are members could you please sign up when you get time... noone will be punshed.... A successful website projects well onto the guild, and with the guild not having a heap of bosses down we need something to make us stand out, and that requres all of your help. thanks


Trials Maschine

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Aug 23, 18

up until now we promote traild pretty fast and thats lead to problems, not a tril will remain on that rank unteal we think he is ready. they dont lose the chance to pick up gear, but they are always the last chose.

the best way to get you promote is:
1) Sign up to the guild website
2) Attend any guild effents (when we are doing them)
3) Be friendly with ur fellow guildies,
4)use discord
5)dont do dumb shit
6) Have a fucked up sence of humor like us :P haha


Let the games begin

[GM] schmerz aGM posted Aug 14, 18

Well guys, bfa has fuinally dropped and even though i cant enjoy it on schmerzlock i will be on bantang until my account comes back. so get some groups together and get leveling.... theres a 100k 1st prize, 50k second prize and 25k 3rd prize, so please look at the section on the bebsite on how to enter.... and most of all have fun.


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